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The Ride of My Life

Posted on Nov 26, 2014 by in poems | 0 comments


I’m sitting staring out the window
waiting for you to get on.

When you get on we always have fun.
When we are together it makes my whole world shine.
We talk and laugh while everybody teases
even though they make us sad.
They can never make us upset
when we’re together.

We laugh, we sing, we clap, we dance
while everybody is teasing us.
It feels hurtful but it will never
hurt us, because we are together.

We are laughing because we are like best friends.
We are clapping because another friend
got on the ride.
We dance.
We sing anything.
I’m the heart and you are the blood
of a human. We keep each other alive
when we are together.

You are the moon.
I am the sun.
Together the sun is bright day and night.
When people look at us, we just shine the sky
because we are together.

When we’re not together
the sky is dark and cloudy.
It’s fun when you are with me
on the ride of my life.

– Bella