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The Sacramento Poetry Center’s mission is to promote and advance the practice and application of poetry and the literary arts in our community, to enliven and extend the cultural boundaries of Sacramento’s literary arena by creating and maintaining forums for local writers; to support and empower emerging and established poets, and to bring the best practitioners of the craft into the community.

916 Ink is a group of creative individuals who care about literacy issues in Sacramento. They transform everyday kids into published authors by inspiring youth to write stories, essays and poems for publication in beautiful books.

The Pongo Teen Writing Project is a volunteer, nonprofit effort with Seattle teens who are in jail, on the streets, or in other ways leading difficult lives.

Each One Reach One believes that young people have the right to learn from the choices that landed them in a lock down facility, and when given the opportunity and encouragement that they will take personal responsibility for building a better future for themselves.

This article, “Complex Trauma in Children and Adolescents” provides a detailed summary of how early-life trauma affects young people.