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Posted on Dec 12, 2014 by in poems | 0 comments


Trust is like nature.
You take good care of it, it blossoms into being.
Once the trust is broken by the one
who took care of this beautiful nature,
the broken trust is like a fire
burning everything in its path.
I have witnessed this not first hand
but secondhand.
It destroys the person on the inside
and the outer image is grey and black
like that of the brunt forest.
This trust takes time.
A new caretaker comes and loves
and nurtures it back to health.
Like that of the person who’s trust was shattered
but gave a second chance at it.
In the end the nature is bigger, and brighter,
like that of a sycamore tree
and full of hope and life.
Take care of trust for it can only be re-built
a few times before nothing grows back.