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Maybe I Would Still Be New

Posted on May 26, 2015 by in anthologies | 0 comments

Published May 2015
Authors: teens at Koinonia Group Home—Loomis, CA

2015-05 KFH coverMay 7th

My heart is a boiling pot full of ice that don’t melt.
I’m running but my feet feel like I got lead legs.
I used to feel like roses symbolized something good.
But now when I see a rose somebody is dead.
Today is May 7, 2015.
May 7th last year my brother laid dead in the street.
The pain inside me
is too hard to let free.
If you ever lost somebody then you now about grief.
I’m getting through it like a soldier, like I’m supposed to be.
I’m trying to stay strong. It’s not taking over me.
The month of May
makes me want to expose the beast
but I’ma suppress it because I know
he’s watching over me.

– J