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Human & Beast

Posted on Nov 26, 2014 by in poems | 0 comments


Deep down in darkness no one knows consciously
but the depth is down inside us, me and you.
Some know it, some cower away.
other people like me seek it out
know its name and what it looks like.

This beast thrives on darkness, eyes red like a bloody river.
The maw drizzles saliva, teeth long and sharp
they petrify you like Medusa.

Muscles move under its furry body.
The fur is a slick black coat, thick yet soft.
The muscles stretch the skin but it manages
to stay intact, legs long yet muscular,
paws hold razor-like claws,
a tail that hangs low but not too low so it
hits the ground.

This beast is with me. And in me.
For others it’s different. I see my beast
and smile a wicked smile. The beast is mine.
He slows when I encounter my ex.

Only eyes show through mine,
eyes of evil. the smile is not mine but is
a smile of wickedness.
But he fades away just as quick as he came.

He is my beast and I am his host.
We are one not two,one in thought and movement.
Thought of destruction on those who wreak havoc.
Movement swift and quiet
We are one, human and Beast.

– Athena Lockheart