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Battle of Words

Posted on Nov 25, 2014 by in poems | 0 comments


I think I know why
My friend did what she did
I think it’s the way
We try to get rid
Of the hurt and pain
That the words can cause
But I think we all
Have different ways
Of trying to make
The painful words fade
By giving ourselves permanent scars
Sometimes our scars cannot show
But we know that they are there
It hurts
Why don’t others understand
That every time we look at our scars
They will still bring back the pain
That the words have caused
But not as fresh as they were at first?
Sometime we got to pray to God
To take the pain and heal our souls
From the words that have stuck us
We even got to thank Him
For letting the littlest pain not build on us
Like a tower that wants to be shot down
As far as you walk
Down the wrong road
You can always
Turn back

– Andrea